What Are Frankincense Skin Care Products?

Frankincense is one of the oldest known oddment used for fragrance in ancient time. It is a calming and gentle oil and it can even use on kids with diluted with water or coconut oil. In addition, Frankincense can create a relaxing and calming aroma to help people in yoga and meditation. It has a focusing aroma, grounding effect and it is good for skin.

So why is Frankincense skin care so popular? Most skin care beauty products contains some frankincense to support skin health, uneven skin tone support, skin blemishes, aging skin and rejuvenate tough skin. According to Chinese traditions, Frankincense was the second-oldest resin tree found in the world, just after Madagascar’s Westland Ivory Tree.

In China, Frankincense was considered the tree that was believed to bring good luck and prosperity. It was believed to protect from evil spirits and protect the marriage partner from being tempted by them. In addition, it was believed to relieve coughs and colds, increase mental alertness, and aid digestion. The name “Frankincense” was probably derived from the Arab word for “candelabra.” Continue reading and lets dig deeper into this untapped skin care solution.

The Benefits Of Frankincense For Skin Care Health

Because of its popularity in the Far East, Frankincense was extensively used in perfumes during the Renaissance and has since become more widely recognized as a skin care ingredient. In fact, some companies have taken this ancient, mystical substance and produced modern-day products containing Frankincense skin care products.

Frankincense comes from the sapwood of a deciduous tree native to Southeast Asia. Most commonly used, it is dried and then ground into a powdery paste before being added to the fragrance of a variety of aromatherapy products. Today, some manufacturers still use the term “Frankincense” to refer to the oil extracted from the tree’s wood. However, the majority of people refer to Frankincense as “frankincense oil”frankincense oil blend.” Here’s a quick video of 15 benefits of frankincense for skin care.